Welcome to unrequestedcooking.com!

I'm super excited to share information I find moderately interesting: mostly as it revolves around cooking, cookware, recipes, how-to, and the like. I'm not a trained chef - heck, I've only worked in one "professional kitchen" in my life - I'm not a manufacture of equipment, nor am I, as of yet, a retailer. I'm a humble guy who knows his way around a kitchen and does very little entertaining; in short, I'm not Ina Garten.

I will have a few pages you can check out here, including one dedicated to recipes where you'll just, you know, get a recipe. No long stories involving past loves, no depressed childhood stories of events I made up to get readers, and no "memories" of other things. Just recipes. I haven't decided if I'll let you submit your own.

You'll also see a page for what I'm sure will be my most popular page, and undoubtly what brought you here in the first place: The Unrequested Cooking Tip of the Day! I'll probably update these tips once or twice a week at the start here, moving to daily content as I get things organized both in my head and in my aforementioned status of at least an Amazon Affiliate. I'm sure some will groan at that but let's face it, you'll want things I recommend and I want to make a little money as a result of you buying it. For now though, I'll just link products and not get anything but a "thank you " from you for now.